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Over two decades ago, the Kentucky Association of Counties formed KACo Benefits Group creating a unified employee group for obtaining cost-effective insurance coverage.

A comprehensive and competitive Association Plan was established to serve as the foundation of a county’s employee benefits package. This Association Plan gives all member entities the advantage of large group rates. Based on volume, eligible entities get better pricing and improved plan design for all participants.

If a county is not utilizing the Association Plan today, they are missing out on a key member benefit: insurance rate stability. Participation growth in recent years has enabled the Association to continually improve offerings while managing costs on behalf of all members.

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Our Services

KACo Benefits Group brings its members a solution that bridges the gap between cost containments and offering excellent benefits to your employees.

Along with the Association Plan coverage, our members also enjoy a host of additional services that assist in the administration and management of your employee benefits program. Our goal is to help you simplify complex processes, have access to the best advice, and mitigate risks inherent to public entities.


A single point of entry for all insurance carriers with customizable eligibility


Consolidated invoice for all lines of coverage and combined remittance


Built-in administration tool to efficiently process information


Collection of contributions and reconciliation for vendors & accounts


Secure risk mitigation features to prevent costly errors


While we provide exclusive access to your Association Plan, we know that every county’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer many additional coverages to help meet all of your employee benefit needs.

Through a large number of trusted insurance carriers, we can build a plan that is customized specifically for your employees.

We also offer customized funding options including self-insured and level-funded plans.

To learn more about how KACo Benefits Group can help Simplify Your Enrollment & Billing, Keep Your Organization Compliant & Help Boost Employee Morale – contact your regional agency.